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  • Financial Firms: Five Ways to Use the Cloud to Outrun the Competition
    Vikas Srivastava, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Integral, looks at five key reasons as to why taking advantage of the cloud is essential for financial firms in the race for market share and profitability.
  • Head in the Cloud – Why Cloud Will Take Over FX Trading Tech?
    The momentum behind cloud in the financial markets is building rapidly. Last year, over two thirds (69%) of the respondents to our “Future of FX trading” survey expected FX trading flows to be either entirely in the cloud, or to use a hybrid of cloud and on-premise solutions. Perhaps more significantly, nearly a third expected … Read more
  • Why the FX market is pivoting to configurable SaaS technology
    Integral was an early adopter in cloud technology and has been earnestly and enthusiastically banging the drum for well over a decade.  Yet we were still excited by the results of our FX trading technology report, which underscored just how pivotal cloud is set to become in the industry.
  • Why the future of FX is in the cloud
    The momentum behind cloud in financial services is building, and quickly. With big names such as IBM moving into the space, it signals that this is the future of financial markets infrastructure. Looking specifically at FX, there are many reasons to believe that firms are shifting towards this technology as a central component of their technology stack.
  • A year to remember in FX markets
    I think I can say with confidence that 2020 has been the strangest year in my career to date. The FX markets have faced their share of global crises and geopolitical disruptions over the decades, yet nothing comes close to the impact of COVID.
  • Changing consumer behavior pushes banks to rethink FX infrastructure
    Digital transformation is happening across every sector, and banks in particular are beginning to recognize a digital framework that allows their services to be accessed from anywhere will be key going forward.
  • Back to the Future: A Renaissance for FX Single Dealer Platforms?
    The importance of relationships in FX has proved central to institutional trading in recent months. Not that relationship trading ever went away in the FX markets. However, in a clear ‘Back to the Future’ development, the role of the single dealer platform (SDP) is once again having a resurgence.
  • Last orders for the weekly commute? Don’t Bank on it
    As pubs and restaurants begin to open their doors in England, so too are the world’s global banking giants. After a prolonged period of working from home, many of the top banks such as HSBC and Goldman Sachs have announced plans to urgently bring workers across the world back into the office.  The question is: … Read more

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